Fees Schedule

What about your fees?

Consultations in the consulting rooms are charged at the following rates:

Room Consulting

104 - Initial Consult             $400
105 - Subsequent Consult   $150

Telehealth (Videoconferencing)

91822 - Initial Consult             $400
91823 - Subsequent Consult   $150

Telephone Consultations (From 1st July 2022)

91833 - Subsequent Consults  $150

The fees incurred cover the costs associated with you review on the day of visit and in many cases the substantial time taken to review your case and imaging prior to your visit. The fees for overseas patients, often for second opinions vary on the complexity of the case and time requirement and tends to by significantly higher than the consultations in the consulting rooms.

Patients who are reviewed at the Austin Hospital following surgery by Prof Nikfarjam, Dr Yoshino or his surgical colleagues are bulk-billed in the specialist clinics. We cannot however guarantee that you will be reviewed by Prof Nikfarjam or Dr Yoshino when being followed up in specialist clinics at the Austin.

Surgical Fees

Private Hospital Services: An additional service cost may be required for treatment of certain cases, payable following completion of the surgical procedures, if performed in a private hospital. These charges vary with the complexity of procedures undertaken. Fees recommended by the Australian Medical Association (AMA) for surgical procedures are significantly higher than private medical insurance reimbursed fees. Our surgeon’s fees are however often significantly lower than the recommended fees suggested by the AMA. Additional charges are often required to covers costs such as 1. Dual surgeons at certain operations 2. Weekend and after-hours operating 3. Review of cases outside of normal consulting sessions 4. Specialist nurse services. 5. Costs associated with not standard after-care. A portion of our surgone’s fees are also put towards research and donated for cancer patient support programs.

Public Hospital Services: There are no gap charges for procedures undertaken at the Austin Hospital for private or public patients. Standard elective waiting times apply at Austin Hospital and Single Room beds cannot be guaranteed for private patients. Urgent cases and cancer cases are always treated as Category 1 priority regardless of insurance status.

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